Gauche the Cellist and Mastery in Adaptation

YouTube user Kenji the Engi presents this excellent video essay on Isao Takahata's 1982 masterpiece Gauche the Cellist, describing this movie's adaptation from a poem by famed Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. He comments on many of the scenes, story elements and animation techniques, providing the perfect introduction to this great movie.

I often pester GKIDS to pick up Gauche the Cellist for release in the US. Studio Ghibli and animation fans everywhere would love this movie, if they were only given the chance. For now, you can import the movie from Japan on DVD and Blu-Ray (released on the Ghibli ga Ippai label with English subtitles). It is also available on the Isao Takahata Blu-Ray box set, which for the moment is still exclusive to Japan.

This movie comes highly, highly recommended. See it by any means necessary.

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