Studio Ghibli Zippo Lighters

Okay, wait...what?  Studio Ghibli Zippo lighters.  Huh.  I honestly did not see that one coming.  It does get points for style, I'll give it that.  But sometimes I don't think Studio Ghibli quite groks the whole concept of "merchandising."

Then again, Hayao Miyazaki is the same person responsible for this little gem of '70s pop culture.  God bless you, sir!


Hanna said...

ahahah classy

Ghibli said...

I am dead against smoking, I don't need a lighter for anything else, and yet... this is so stylish my wallet is twitching... :D

Ghibli said...

It seems you can get all sorts of Zippos from this seller here:
...including Totoro, Howl, Kiki, Spirited Away, Cat Returns, Earthsea and Ponyo. Some of them in 2 various designs.

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