GKids Studio Ghibli Film Festival - 2012 Schedule

Having just finished its run in Dallas, GKids' Studio Ghibli Film Retrospective is opening today in Los Angeles, and will be appearing in cities across the US and Canada throughout 2012.  According to their Twitter feed, this is the ongoing festival schedule for 2012:

December 2011 - New York
January 2012  - Dallas, Los Angeles
February - Boston
March - Austin, Toronto
April/May - Washington DC
June - Seattle
July - San Francisco

GKids is still working to secure deals with more cities.  Chicago is "a certainty, most likely this Summer." Columbus is likely in the fall, but no firm dates are set.  Minneapolis is in negotiations (let's hope it goes better than the Vikings stadium debacle), and Ghibli Blog has offered to help.  Milwaukee is "a long shot."

I will keep this post updated as details emerge.


I Make Comments said...

More cities in Canada would be appreciated.

Brittany said...

I'm trying to find out more about the festival but GKIDS's website has even less info available. Do you know much more about the March showings in Austin? Any help would be appreciated ^_^, thanks.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Don't worry, we're going to aim for full schedules on all the film festivals this year. The folks at GKids are extremely busy right now, between the festival and Oscar nominations. We'll pin them down for all the details.

Also, I am telling myself to add the complete Los Angeles schedule on this post. We'll also highlight it among the "featured articles."

I also agree that more cities in Canada would be nice, but that's largely up the host city, raising money for costs, etc. There will be more cities this year, so we'll see what happens.

Brittany said...

Thanks ^_^

Anonymous said...

Saw this entry in the latest update to the GKids Studio Ghibli Festival screenings schedule:

Late November TBA - Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Edina

Looks like MSP will get a shot at this!

Paul (Eishagishi)

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