Poster: From Up on Poppy Hill (Japan)

Poster: From Up on Poppy Hill

Here is the second Japanese movie poster for Goro Miyazaki's From Up on Poppy Hill. Very nice, a little reserved in tone and color, but promising a nostalgia-tinged teenage romance that is sure to entertain everyone (the story is set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games). I'm sure the collectors already have a copy hanging on their walls.

Meanwhile, Poppy Hill is playing in theaters across France, and Amazon France is now listing the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release, which will appear later this year.  No specific date has been mentioned as of yet, but expect it to arrive in Japan and Europe sometime this summer.


Dennis said...

Nice site here. I'm a Ghibli lover too. I was hoping this film will be shown in Singapore. The trailer looks good and the OST is even better.

raremetalplatinum said...

Um, I know I'm pretty late to this party, but... that's supposed to be a daughter/father hug. Dude, you gotta do your research.

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