My Neighbor Chewtoro T-Shirt Design

This is a really clever mash-up of Chewbacca and Totoro, and was created as a t-shirt design by Brooklyn-based outfit Castlepop.  The shirts were available for sale at for 24 hours, but that has long since past.  Too bad; I'm sure a lot of us would love to buy these.

Let's let Castlepop introduce themselves, and hope they bring back their Chewtoro shirts.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of their designs:

We are a husband & wife design team from Brooklyn. The husband uses his pop culture-addled brain to come up with a vague concept that hopefully gestates into a fully-developed idea. Then the wife does all the actual work: sketching the idea, inking the idea, and spending countless hours at the computer coloring the idea. Meanwhile, the husband wanders the apartment and makes an occasional suggestion.

We hope you like the results.

Update: Castlepop's Chewtoro shirts and hoodies are now available for sale!  You can buy your very own for under $25. Follow the link and show them your support.  And could we please have more Ghibli-inspired designs?  Here's another Protip*: Create a Heidi shirt and sell it to Japan.  You'll make a ton of money.

And this is even better - Chewtoro design for your iPod and iPhone cover.  Yeeeaaahh...Grape Ape.

(*I used to freelance for GamePro magazines back in the mid '90s, so I get to hand out Protips.)


Rubber Onion said...

They have a link to buy it from their website:

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Thanks for helping out! That was a terrific find.

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