Ni no Kuni (PS3) Gameplay Trailer

Alright, now I'm interested.  Ni no Kuni (Another World) on Playstation 3 is looking very impressive, indeed.  I think this system is a better venue for a game of this caliber than a portable, where larger TV screens can really bring this world to life.  This latest footage suggests that the gameplay will be deeply integrated with Studio Ghibli's animated scenes, and the heavily-populated environments and cel-shaded graphics are very promising.  I've recently been playing Phantasy Star Online for Sega Dreamcast, so I'm in a suitably receptive mood.

When it comes to upcoming video games, I am, by nature, skeptical.  It does you no good to become part of the hype machine.  If the final game is good and we're having fun, that's all that counts.  Until then, we should do no more than cross our fingers and hope for the best.  Just knowing that we're actually getting a brand new video game is an event, instead of Cinematic Gun Sequel #2459 and Yearly Franchise Rehash #3196.  Please please please don't let this become yet another generic, formulaic clone.  Surprise us.  Show us something new.

Ni no Kuni is headed to the US just in time for Christmas and New Year's, which is welcome news.  Now if the fine folks at Level 5 would only be so kind as bring Ni no Kuni to the Dreamcast, then we'll really be rolling.


Espiox said...

Oh hey, your cynicism extends to other media too!

archie said...

dreamcast? get real! why would they do that?

NegativeZero said...

It actually won't be out in English until early 2012. It's the Japanese release which is out mid November, same time as the next round of bluray releases.

Anonymous said...

Now I just have to get this

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@archie: Because the Sega Dreamcast rocks, that's why. It's home to many wonderfully quirky, left-of-field games, and Ni no Kuni would be a good fit. Also, the economy sucks and nobody has any money.

I even have a 10-Point Plan for Sega. It goes something like this:

1) Bring back the Dreamcast.
2) Swap out the 56k modem for wifi.
3) Add in a ton of RAM.
4) Replace ZOOONK-ZURRRP disc drive with a DVD drive.
5) Fix the controllers and use internal flash instead of VMUs.
6) Sell Dreamcast for $50.
7) ???
8) ???
9) ???
10) Profit!

@espiox: Hah hah! I loved that wisecrack so much, I'm using it as this week's tagline. You, sir, have won the internet. Congraturations! (/engrish)

Oh, and I have more Ni no Kuni gameplay videos to post. I'll get to that later this afternoon.

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