Future Boy Conan #08 - The Underwater Scene

I enjoyed this photo montage (from reader hjg) of the underwater sequence in Future Boy Conan #08 so much, I just had to post it here on the blog.  This is one of my favorite Miyazaki scenes, ever.  I'm also discovering that I want to spend more time reflecting after each episode.  I want the scenes to marinate in my head for a little while longer, instead of rushing along as fast as possible.  The first time I watched Conan, I blazed through the entire series in less than a week.  Slower is much better, I think.

Also, this gives me more time to write endless Grampa Simpson essays about why today's video games are nowhere near as fun as they used to be.  Also, at some point I should probably think about doing my taxes.  Hah, hah.

I really wish Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli would just pony up the cash and buy the rights to Conan from Nippon Animation.  Then we would be guaranteed a fantastic Blu-Ray release, and probably a little extra attention from Westerners.  This anime series is ridiculously overlooked.


ARTAN said...

Great scene, true, much more better watching it slower, I've done the same thing the first time I've watched all the chapters, almost in a week.Thanks for making this blog, I dont know where you get the info, haha, take care.

iaa_i said...

I realy wish that they make a second season with the same quality as this one .. But it seems impossible :(

Tony W. said...

I recently just watched the series for the first time and made a long blogpost about it with lots of pictures:

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