Photos - The Triplets of Bellville (Blu-Ray)

Yes, Sylvain Chomet's brilliant 2003 movie Triplets of Bellville is now available on Blu-Ray in France. The reviews have been glowing and the picture quality - judging from the screenshots - is fantastic. I don't know if or when this BD will be released in the US, UK or Australia, but I'd like to think somebody will pick it up for release this year.

I've only seen this movie once, at the Lagoon Theatre in Minneapolis during its theatrical run in 2003, and I loved it. I laughed my head off and had a great time. Unfortunately, while the theatre was packed, it was full of Uptown movie snobs who absolutely refused to show any emotion or reaction to anything happening on the screen. I even had some guy shout me down for - heaven forbid! - laughing at the funny scenes. What a snobbish bunch of losers. If you can't react to the movie, then why bother watching? I'm not expecting MST3K wisecracks, but we're not at a funeral, folks.

Actually, if you feel like making MST3K wisecracks, go right ahead. It was the only way I could make my way through bad movies like Clash of the Titans or Pelham 123 or the Star Wars prequels. Movies are about having fun. You're going to die one day (aack!!), so smile and have some fun while you're still here.

Triplets of Bellville is a rich and wonderfully inventive movie. Best of all, it's confidently, defiantly French. Chomet has no interest in following any country's animation style - not the Brits, not the Americans, not the Japanese. I'm not at all surprised that he tackled Jacques Tati in The Illusionist; in my mind, both filmmakers are very closely related. If Tati were alive today, I think he'd be making movies like this.


Heinz said...

Daniel, have you seen The Illusionist?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Actually, no, I haven't. Aack! It's been playing in Minneapolis for several weeks now, but I've either been too busy or too broke (hey, John Madden Football '92 cost me three bucks). That said, The Illusionist is currently playing at the Riverview Theater, and I'll definitely go this weekend.

Eryn said...

Haha, I totally relate to your MST3K wisecracking! It especially applies when I'm the only one giggling at a Twilight showing when all the girls are crying and their boyfriends sleeping...But on another point, I haven't seen this flick, though I've always been curious about it.

Heinz said...

Did you know that in Japan The Illusionist was promoted by the Studio Ghibli? If you saw The Illusionist the last weekend, your review will be really welcome.