Nausicaa Blu-Ray This Coming Tuesday

If you don't buy this Blu-Ray when it arrives in North America on March 8, Nausicaa will personally come to your house and kick your ass.  And she'll be blasting Babes in Toyland and Ani Difranco on her iPod, too.  And don't forget to print out that coupon!


George Taylor said...

We watched our review copy this weekend. It was stellar! The bonuses were sorely lacking though.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hey, review copy? How'd you get a review copy? I want a review copy!

Bonus features have always been Ghibli's one weak point on their DVDs and this should continue with the Blu-Rays. I don't mind too much, since they are literally packing these discs to their limit with their 6K transfers, and the picture quality is outstanding.

And, obviously, the Nausicaa commentary track is sorely missed. I have no idea why Disney removed it from the N. American release. This reminds me of the making-of video from the Nausicaa DVD, where footage from pre-Ghibli films not covered in the Disney distribution deal were either blurred out (Cagliostro) or edited out altogether (Horus). Perhaps that's considered free advertising for rivals at retail? Strange.

But, seriously, somebody needs to hook me up with some media contacts.

SpikeGT12 said...

Aw, damn--I've been waiting for the DVD/BD combo pack for MONTHS. I've had it pre-ordered on Amazon for a while, and the fact that the release is coming so soon has got me going crazy with excitement, since Nausicaa's my 2nd favorite Ghibli film, after all. :D

It's my first time pre-ordering from Amazon, so I'm not sure if they're like Rightstuf and will ship your shit earlier, but w/e--long as I get it, I'll be golden.

George Taylor said...

So, Disney doesn't make their transfers as heavy?

All of the latest blu-rays from them have several hours of bonus features on the blu-ray disc.

I just assumed that the extras weren't something that were done in Japan.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Well, the Disney BD includes a couple bonus features that aren't on the Japanese disc. There's a short featurette with short interviews with Miyazaki, and Toshio Suzuki, and George Solomon, the animation historian and author (he wrote the Art of Toy Story 3 book). And then there's the "World of Ghibli" feature.

The movie's file size is comparable to other Disney and Pixar BD's, as I understand, and while it's smaller than the Japanese version, the picture does look excellent.

I do wish I had a good Japanese copy to compare, though. I have a downloaded copy (720p) that I use for screenshots for the blog (the BD-ROM drive on my PC has never worked properly - thanks, Microsoft!). I'm still watching both versions and closely examining the movies to see how they compare.

George Taylor said...

Charles Solomon is an amazing animation historian. I have covered several of his Disney-related books on my site:

I would still love to see some things that show how animation companies in Japan function vs their American counterparts.

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