Japan Struck by Historic 8.9 Earthquake

Japan was struck by a massive earthquake this morning just off the coast of Sendai.  News outlets report the quake registered a 8.9 on the Richter scale, making this the strongest in the country's recent history.  Tsunamis were also triggered, with waves being reported as tall as 7m. Shock waves are currently moving across the Pacific Ocean.

Let's hope that all our friends in Japan are safe and well.  Fortunately, their buildings are designed to withstand powerful earthquakes, but damage from aftershocks and the tsunami will be considerable.

Update: Follow Joan Nelson's ongoing posts on the earthquake and tsunami here.

Update: I've decided to post some photos from Japan.  The people are still in a state of shock, and the full scale of this catastrophe will be unveiled over the next few days.


(all photos: Reuters/Kyodo)


beyond said...

Studio Ghibli and Ghibli museum announced that ghibli museum is closed on today due to earthquake.
But the customers and staffs were all unhurt on 11th March.

dodger bullet said...

hearts goes out to all the victims. hope everybody associated with ghibli co. are fine. especially miyazaki, takahata.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Fantastic, thanks!

I just finished watching tonight's Rachel Maddow Show online, which was almost entirely devoted to the Japan quake and tsunami. Also discussed is the ongoing crisis with two nuclear power facilities. I came away feeling slightly shocked, and very, very worried. My Midwestern stoicism fails me.

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