Buddy, Can You Spare 20,000 Dimes? Nausicaa Anime Cels on Ebay

I can never tell if these classic "anime cels" that are sold online are genuine, or just very expensive fakes.  But given the price, I'm guessing these Nausicaa cels are the real deal.  The first one is currently going for $1,999.99 on Ebay; the second one for $649.99.  They certainly look nice, and Miyazaki production cels will become highly prized collectibles over time, but....sheesh.

Look, I may be crazy enough to spend $80 for the Ghibli Blu-Rays from Japan, but this is ridiculous.  That said...these do look freakin' cool. Talk about the ultimate bragging rights.


Anonymous said...

They are rare, each is one of a kind, and they are highly sought after by fans. I think you can understand why they go so much even if they are just paint on plastic.

After Ghibli started seeing the insane prices the cels were going for, they went out of their way to keep Mononoke cels inside the studio. That didn't stop some of them from getting leaked and going for high prices though.

Now, if you want to see something really expensive, find a Ghibli cel with its matching background. Those go for tens of thousands. There may be 100s of cels for that shot, but only one painted background, making them incredibly valuable.

Anonymous said...

I used to visit Mandarake every week when they had a shop in Torrance, CA (1999-2001). They too had a selection of Ghibli Totoro and Mononoke cels and backrounds - the nicest ones (ones with recognizable characters) were in the $3000 to $4000 range. Talk about "sugee"!

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