Polish Anime Movie Posters - Animal Treasure Island, Puss in Boots 3

In an age where Photoshop and marketing departments have drained all the fun out of movie posters, there is still Poland.  This nation has produced some of the most ingeniously inventive designs anywhere in the world.  If you're the sort who enjoys collecting vintage movie posters, then you need at least a couple Polish designs on your wall.

A number of Toei Doga films have been given the Polish treatment.  The first photo shows the poster for Animal Treasure Island, one of my all-time favorites.  I love that movie to death, and it's always within reach if I want to impress someone with classic Miyazaki (and friends) anime.  This design is pretty abstract, definitely "inside baseball."  If you didn't know what movie this was for, you'd probably miss it completely...score one for the dedicated fans.

The second photograph is the poster for Toei's Puss in Boots 3 (Around the World in 80 Days) from 1976.  I'm not a fan of the third movie; in fact, I think it's just dreadful.  But I am a huge fan of the original 1969 Puss in Boots, so I would be happy to have this poster among my collection.  I really dig this psychedelic, Peter Max-inspired watercolor design.  This reminds me of a lot of the trippy cartoons that played on Sesame Street way back in the '70s.  Animation was seriously trippy back in the '70s, wasn't it?

Would you like to buy these Polish anime movie posters? has them for sale.  The Animal Treasure Island poster sells for $36.12 and is available here.  The Puss in Boots 3 poster sells for (ouch) $82.56 and is available here.  Let's hope they'll have enough inventory to go around.


J-G-B said...

Looks cool, everyone likes anime!

Wow you have a really cool blog, nice post!

I am following you and will continue to check back daily!

If anyone wants to follow me I will follow them back and visit their blog daily!

Anonymous said...

That puss in boots poster is so bad... It looks like it was drawn with a crayola marker.
Did Toei commission a gradeschooler to make this poster?

Tash said...

:) I was quite surprised to see some polish posters here on the Ghibli Blog.
I am from Poland and have been following this blog for years already (started when it had still the old design, anyways,) - so the posters were a really great surprise.
this puss in boots poster reminds me very much of the pictures in the books I had as a child... There is something very characteristic about the old polish drawing style (or maybe East European?), so that you immediately recognize it. the same goes for cartoons, all were drawn in the same style (for instance Reksio, a cartoon a bout a dog: I wasn't that fond of it as a child, but I do like it now. granted, it is very simple, but it is a bit like theater - everything is so exaggerated...
Thanks for posting the posters!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Ah, you're an oldschool Conversations on Ghibli fan! Glad to have you around. That Puss in Boots poster is definitely a 1970s cartoon design. I'm guessing you'd have to have grown up during that time to identify with it.

Tash said...

Haha, no i'm a bit younger than that, but the style hasn't changed much. I wonder whether it was new things produced in the old style, or whether people were just having all the hand-me-down things... But on tv there were also those cartoons - maybe they just didn't have the money to make anything new...
And yeah, luved the Conversations on Ghibli very very much - felt really cozy, maybe coz I knew exactly where what post is, lol. So it was a little surprise when it changed to being so bright and with many different columns - it feels very professional now :) but still i love coming here and am always very envious of all the new Ghibli productions, which seem to appear in the US sooner than in Europe...

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