Photos - Warriors of the Wind

When Hayao Miyazaki travels to the United States, do you think he goes to the New World Cinema building and throws rocks at the windows?

Ah, Warriors of the Wind, the most notorious anime hack job in history. The first words you see when you play the videotape are "Mansion International Presents." Manson...that makes sense. The worst part is knowing that this crude cut-up would keep the real Nausicaa away from American shores for 20 years. Twenty Freakin' Years. At least the lousy dub is good for a few laughs.

Let's also take a look at how 1985 Warriors of the Wind VHS compares to the 2010 Nausicaa Blu-Ray. Woooww. Ah, the miracle that was VHS. For some reason, videotapes looked a heck of a lot better in the '80s. Back then, this was a really big deal. Now, the pictures are so blurry you can barely make out anything. Ah, well, such is the fate of all consumer electronics technologies.


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