Studio Ghibli and Arrietty in Brutus Magazine

 Japan's Brutus Magazine features Arrietty on their latest cover, drawn by young director Hiromasa Yanebayashi.  He should feel very proud as his movie is about to be unleashed on theatres in Japan.  If the movie is a big hit, then Ghibli may have its next star director.

You can sample some pages from the magazine on their website here.  I really like the interactive pages.

Brutus also includes interviews with Hayao Miyazaki, who drew the image boards early on in the project (while giving the director and staff the necessary space to create), and an especially surprising appearance by Yasuo Otsuka.  Yeah, I'm just the sort who would buy the magazine just to see Otsuka, instead of Miyazaki.  You should, too.  He's looking good, but he's getting very old, and we won't have him for much longer.

Anyway, I hope somebody manages to get a copy of Brutus and tells us what everybody has to say.


Daniel said...

Hey Daniel you'd probably be interested to know that I've got a friend who's currently translating a lot of the magazine, hopefully at the end doing the interviews too, and I've also got scans.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Ooh! That's great news! I have a pile of magazine scans that I need to post. The more, the better.

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