Puedo Eschuhar el Mar - Umi ga Kikoeru Spanish DVD

Umi ga Kikoeru is also now available in the Spanish market, courtesy of Aurum.  This was actually released in October, 2008, and also retains the movie's actual title - I Can Hear the Sea.  Why should the English-speaking world be stuck with the bland and lifeless "Ocean Waves?"  The Ghibli titles are far more poetic and inviting to my ears.

I like the design of the Spanish DVD.  It's closer to the Japanese R2, and uses an illustration from the Ghibli Calendar.  And I'm thrilled anytime one of these great movies can be seen by the outside world.  Animation can be used for more than stale fairy tales and childish power fantasies.  You can do more than just rip off Star Wars and Snow White and Toy Story.  This awareness is slowly creeping into the American consciousness, very slowly.

Like the Optimum UK release, I Can Hear the Sea includes a single disc and no extras beyond the trailers.  At the time, this was the only Western release of this film.  I'd like to see Disney release this movie here, but a North American release remains highly unlikely.  If you live on the American continents, imports and downloads are your only options.

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hjg said...

And the spanish dub is quite decent, both the translation and the acting.

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