Heidi and Marco Retail Links Updated

I finally updated the links to the Taiwan box sets for Heidi and Marco.  The Taiwan site,, changed their web domains, and that's why the old links no longer worked.  No worries, both series, and many other World Masterpiece Theatre productions, are available for sale.

Once again, to remind everyone, 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother does include English subtitles.  Heidi, Girl of the Alps does not include subtitles.  The odds of any Western release, unfortunately, remain slim to none.  The costs involved with scoring an English-language soundtrack with a full cast would be too expensive.  Maybe we should mail a Marco DVD box set to John Lasseter?  Anyone have the mailing address? Heh heh...


gopal said...

heidi was telecasted in english in cartoon the series is already dubbed in there any way of purchasing the series from them.i am a very big fan of heidi.if anybody knows any info plz tell me.

Chris said...

Luckily, my mother is Spanish and I have watched these series in Spanish--they are still sold here and there in Spain. I'm glad to see that at least some Americans have taken note of these jewels. If only they would release these with an English dub... they are so much better for children than the nonsensical tv shows for children nowadays. Anyways, thanks for your efforts to spread knowledge of these series in the States! I hope someday more notice is taken of them.

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