Green Mustard (Wasabi Anime) Top 10 Anime Survey

Green Mustard (Wasabi Anime) has opened voting for their 2010 poll of the "Top Ten Anime."  Voting is open to everyone, and will continue until June 1, 2010.  Plenty of time to get in your votes.  You know what to do.....

It's a foregone conclusion that this survey will be skewered to more recent anime, since these are the American fans.  How many have seen more than one Toei Doga classic?  How many have actually seen an episode of Heidi or Marco?  That's more of a question of exposure than anything else, and while the internet has made greater access possible (think back to the good 'ol days of tape trading), much of Japan's animation history remains to be fully discovered.

Top 10 Greatest Anime Ever Survey


Tom Croom said...

Hi! Tom Croom ( from Wasabi Anime here. We're into the hundreds with the number of votes and I'm happy to report it has NOT been newer anime heavy thus far. I've been surprised with the number of "old school" titles that have shown up including Sailor Moon and Ramna.

I will be honest, though, and point out that we have NOT seen many Studio Ghibli titles which has been kind of disappointing - but there's still time.

(My Neighbor Totoro is on my top ten.)

Thanks for the mention!

asuka said...

aaah. i've tried to come up with 10 and i'm not sure i can. it's TOO HARD. what did other people do?

obviously i want to choose a few key things by miyazaki and takahata.

but then, if it's anime in general we're talking about, it seems impossible (for me at least) not to include some anno, oshii, kon (and shinkai too, perhaps), something representing the work of leiji matsumoto, and some stand-out works like night on the galactic railroad, whisper of the heart, and spring and chaos. and does kawamoto count?

and it seems snobby not to include revolutionary girl utena... and there has to be some room left for eccentric and personal choices (e.g. maison ikkoku)... and ... and ... and...

and then i'm way over and i haven't even allowed for more than one thing each by miyazaki and takahata. it's just too hard!

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