First Television Footage of Karigurashi no Arrietty

Here is Japan's NHK broadcast featuring Studio Ghibli's upcoming movie, Karigurashi no Arrietty.  Toshio Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki are briefly shown, while most of the footage contains production artwork and image boards.  Everything looks excellent, of course.

I would expect to see Arrietty's first movie trailers fairly soon.  I'm surprised that no teaser trailers have been released yet, but given Ghibli's enormous stature in Japan, this really isn't necessary.  As always, we'll be crossing our fingers and hoping they can maket their summer release.


DmL said...

Do you know what is the literal meaning of "Karigurashi"? And is Miyazaki working on this, just not as director?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

The word "karigurashi" essentially means "borrower." So the title is a pretty straightforward translation.

Hayao Miyazaki has been involved in this project, but his role has been more of an overseer. He seems to be playing the role of mentor, or the old fashioned Hollywood studio producer, but he has given space for the young director and his staff.

I'm wondering if Miyazaki is taking a more active role in grooming successors at Studio Ghibli. The experience with Goro-san and Gedo Senki, in which Father Miyazaki was kept out of the loop, may be an influence. I remember his comments in America last summer when discussing Goro Miyazaki's short film and family.

Of course, this is all guesswork and theorizing on my part. But I wonder if Ghibli would prefer to grow a stable of directors, instead of handing the reigns to a single individual. No one person has the clout or fame of Miyazaki or Takahata.

Any insights?

Malik Ming said...

Good Lord, handing over the studio to one people? Let's not repeat Disney over the last few decades. Then again...

Actually, if Miyazaki would indeed overseer the development/direction of new projects ultimately in the hands of new young directors, I think it would great. The Ghibli identity would no doubt still be there, but new ideas come with new personalities. The hope is that this passing down of creative control is for the best.

Miyazaki definitely won't be around forever, and my hope is that his successors try not to completely imitate him, but forge their own creative identities onto their work just as Miyazaki did for his.

Thanks a lot, Daniel, now I'm anxious...

DmL said...

I think 3 or 4 directors would be good. Similar to what Pixar does with Stanton and Bird, etc.

beyond said...

This is NTV's program not NHK.
Because NTV is a production committee member of Ghibli film, NTV reports about new Ghibli film.
And Arrietty's teaser trailer was already released in a theater from December 19. Teaser trailer has sound effect version (30 sec) and theme song version (30 sec).
Arrietty official blog and Cecile Corbel website already explained about it.
But nobody uploads it on Youtube because NTV does not yet broadcast it. Probably teaser trailer will be uploaded on February 5, because NTV broadcasts Ponyo with special program on TV.

Daniel said...

Has anyone been translating/subbing at all the Arrietty daily blog? It's amazing that a video has been posted literally every day, so there MUST be something of SOME interest in what that poor guy has to say, right?

greentea said...

The Borrowers, I remember a live-actioin movie, I think it had John Goodman. A bunch of tiny people, a girl with ridiculous hair and her little brother, they live in a house, probably befriend a human kid, and Goodman was the bad guy, an exterminator..

I hope this version will be a lot more impressive.

beyond said...

Nishioka speaks interesting and important things about Arrietty and Ghibli every day, but the foreign fan seem does not know it.
GhibliWiki reports it a bit but most other things are not reported.
And Nishioka might looks poor guy but he is the director of the public relations department of Ghibli.
In the Suzuki's radio show, Nishioka was ordered Suzuki to update Arrietty blog every day until the first release day.
Suzuki also speaks very interesting and important things every Sturday night, and uploaded podcast every Tuesday or Wednesday.

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