Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Hope your Turkey Day goes well and the relatives are manageable.  This might be a good time to spring your Ghibli DVDs on those cousins and nephews.


greentea said...

A late Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Didn't watch any Ghibli movies, but did watch Up with some of the younger relatives. I would've liked more of the husband-wife story, I agree that it was the best thing about the movie.. but I suppose they need the adventure and kid humor to make a movie complete.

It was OK. It had action, suspense, an obnoxious boyscout, and probably the saddest moments in any Pixar film.

Star Fisher said...

Hello, I'm pretty new here, so I'm quite curious as to where you get all these high resolution shots. I've done a fair amount of searching and haven't found anything close to this quality, save on this site. They're absolutely gorgeous and really make me quite anxious for these films to be released on blu ray soon.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@greentea: I have the same impression about Up. I liked the first 15 minutes so much, I came away convinced THAT should have been the entire movie. I wanted much more from the couple's childhood and the episodes in their adult life. There's a masterful movie in their somewhere, and only needs to be polished a little.

@star fisher: We're glad to have you aboard! I get the screenshots from various sources, either other websites, or I take my own screenshots on my PC. One kind gentleman was very generous with these high-resolution Ghibli photos, like those for Spirited Away that I posted on Thanksgiving. I'm very visual, so I like to find lots of great artwork from these movies.

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