Short Program Note

A short program note for everyone: registration is now required for leaving comments.  OpenID is available in addition to Blogger.  Fortunately, all of our regulars are registered, so this shouldn't mean changes for anyone.

This is my latest salvo in the battle against spam-bots, and hopefully it will keep them out.  They really are termites who are travelling salesmen.


Stephanie said...

Are you going to start updating again anytime soon? Seems like there were tons of updates when Ponyo came to theaters in the US, and now there aren't many updates. When they are, they are rarely ghibli-related updates. I was excited to find this blog but it seems like it's died now.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Sorry about that. You're right. I'll have to find new things to write about, but news is slow right now, and I keep forgetting to put more logs on the fire.

But this has always been a relatively small blog (albeit with a devoted following), and will probably remain so. You should subscribe to the feed so you can be up-to-date whenever I come up with interesting and new things to talk about.

Thanks for visiting, in any case. Glad to have you aboard.

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