Poster - Puss in Boots

I found some obscure foreign sites that had many classic Toei movie posters, so I made sure to come away with as many as possible. This, of course, is the great Puss in Boots, one of the most beloved and justly famous comedies in anime. This is one movie poster I would kill to own, and I'm frankly puzzed that Toei doesn't sell prints. All of their classic animation posters would be great sellers, not just among the anime fans, but movie lovers in general. Their designs are marvelous.

Toei made two sequels, Nagagutsu Sanjuushi (The Three Musketeers in Boots) in 1972, and Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko 80 Nichikan Sekai Isshuu (Puss in Boots: Around the World in 80 Days) in 1976. Although neither can really compare, since all the best talent at the studio - Takahata, Miyazaki, Otsuka, Kotabe - were gone, but Yasuji Mori, Reiko Okuyama and Akemi Ota Miyazaki worked on the second one (Three Musketeers).

Thankfully, Discotek has released Puss in Boots here in the US, and they even preserved the original movie poster for the trailer. God Bless Them. Go pick yourselves up a copy and send them your thanks. Options for anime distributors are shrinking and shrinking.

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