Poster - Animal Treasure Island

Well, folks, I'm already stuck on flexing my muscles on Puss in Boots and Animal Treasure Island, so here is a better poster than one I found three years ago. I do appreciate Robert Lewis Stephenson's name on the upper left-hand corner. That's a nice touch, even though this movie has only the barest framework to the famous novel. It's all an excuse for goofy slapstick comedy routines and swashbuckling comic book action.

Of the latter Toei Doga movies, this feels the most like a Miyazaki picture. His comedy bits, that spectacular pirate battle, and the firebrand Heroine in Blue - those all point directly to his later career. But let's not forget the contributions of the rest of the crew, who breathe life into this wonderful, excellent movie. Here is a great movie. After Horus, Prince of the Sun, I'd say this is my favorite of the Toei Doga films.

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