Panda Go Panda UK DVD

Manga UK has released Panda Kopanda recently, under the Western title, Panda Go Panda. The impressive cover design was first seen on the Australian release, and it also happens to be my favorite (certainly much better than the Pioneer disc that was released here in the US).

I haven't had time to contact Manga US to see if they plan on releasing the DVD here Stateside, but somebody should. They are the most likely candidate now that Pioneer's license has expired. Hopefully, the Panda films will remain uncut; the US version chopped out the opening sequence, replacing them with tepid still shots, ala Saturday morning cartoons. And let us not forget Manga US' similar mangling of the title sequence for Castle of Cagliostro (read about it here and here). Let's hope Panda Kopanda fares better.

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Chris Sobieniak said...

We can only hope. I still think the Japanese R2 release is the definite one to get. I often wonder if the reason for the US release being what it is came from whatever insistence TMS had in the way their properties are presented? Many TMS titles sold in the US often have had similar things done like English credits used for the OP/ED sequences despite being very basic.

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