Photos - Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro

This weekend, I found the Japanese Castle of Cagliostro DVD at a nearby Discland. It's the 2001 Ghibli ga Ippai DVD release, it looks terrific, the movie poster is on the cover (please pay attention, Manga), and English subtitles are included. Best part? I got it for $1.99. Whoever bought it wasn't aware of the DVD region codes, and quickly dumped it. Loss for them; win for me!

In any case, here are some screenshots for you to enjoy. They're not from my Ghibli DVD, however. These came from the intertubes, but they were such terrific shots that I couldn't pass them up.


Matthew said...

Fantastic film, the manga is worth getting too. I picked up the Japanese version of Castle in the Sky which has the original English-dub. The voices are much better than the later dub, which I believe Mark Hamil was in right?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Yeah, that's Mark Hamill in the Disney dub. It's not one of the better Ghibli dubs out there...well, it ranks fairly low for me, because of all the intrusions and alterations made to the original soundtrack.

I am aware of the earlier English-language dub, and unless I'm mistaken, this dub track is included in Ghibli's Japanese Laputa DVD. I'd have to check again just to be sure, but my computer isn't letting me play any DVD's at the moment (thanks to a botched Windows XP installation).

In any event, importing the Region 2 DVD is a must if you like Castle in the Sky. It's miles ahead of the US Disney version, and I've blogged about that a few times before now.

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