Panda Kopanda Japanese DVD

This is the Japanese DVD for Panda Kopanda. It was released just last year, following an exhibit at the Ghibli Museum, and it's placed under the "Ghibli Museum Library" label. This is the label the studio uses for various animation films from around the world that they've brough to Japan for theatrical releases.

This Panda DVD replaces an older release, which I happen to have in my collection. I haven't bought this newest version yet, so I don't know what improvements have been made. Hopefully the picture quality has been improved; the older version suffered from a slightly fuzzy look. These are all common problems with hand-drawn animation on the DVD format, and we've had to make our peace with them. Blu-Ray will look substantially better.

My older Panda Kopanda DVD included an hour's worth of interviews with Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, and I'm sure they are also included in the newer version. The major addition to the 2008 version are Miyazaki's image boards, which I'm sure look fantastic (that's one of his image boards on the cover). It's enough for me to shell out the money one more time.

I have a direct link for Panda Kopanda under the "Buy These DVDs" section. Why am I not getting paid for shilling this stuff? Somebody ought to be cutting me a check, or at least buying me lunch. My sesame chicken habit is getting expensive.

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