Download These Fansubs - Ali Baba's Revenge

Just so you know, I've added Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves to the "Download These Fansubs" section. This is actually an old VHS copy of the US dubbed version, "Ali Baba's Revenge." The running time is about an hour, and you'll have a great time. Try it out on your kids and see what they think. If they love Looney Tunes, you'll have yourself a winner. Enjoy.


asuka said...

ahhh, fan-subs and free content.
i will say this - if anyone can hook me up with a copy of the streamline dub of kiki, i will grant them three wishes.

Yousef said...

Hi. I just checked the link and I think it expired. Could you please renew it. I've been searching for this movie everywhere, it's a childhood favorite! Thank you.

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