Huh? Are You Kidding Me?

The Mayfair Theater in Ottowa last week showed Princess Mononoke on a double bill with...Heavy Metal? Huh? What genius paired those two together? Most likely the theater wanted to pair a Japanese animation film with an American one, and, hey, this one's got blood and violence in it! Good enough!

Seriously, Mononoke is an entirely different movie, a real movie. Heavy Metal was infamous in my teenage years only because it wasn't available anywhere. But it wasn't because it was some scandalous "banned" movie. It just sucked eggs.

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Anonymous said...

well, isn't Heavy Metal a Canadian production. Aren't there laws about Canandian Entertainment or something? Back in the day, Canadian law stated that so much airtime must be given to Canadian artists on the radio and on MuchMusic TV. Maybe this is just an extension of that or just Civiv/National Pride.

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