Ghibli Blog-a-Thon

I've discovered that Joe's Movie Corner is currently running a Ghibli blog-a-thon, inviting other bloggers to share their thoughts on everyone's favorite animation studio. It was originally planned to run last weekend, but it seems demand, and Joe's interest, is keeping the project alive.

You can find all the big details on his blog, which I've added to the blogroll for your convenience. Some of the other blog entries have been very good, and I'm hopeful to see more. Give Joe a hello. Thank him for supporting the cause. And thank him for hotlinking my pictures from without permission. Cough.

Update: Joe informs me that it's actually a "Ghiblog-a-Thon." Oh, and it's Joe's Movie Corner, not Joe's Movie Blog. My mistake.


J.D. said...

1) It's Joe's Movie Corner.

2) It's the Ghiblog-a-Thon

I'm very clever (hehe).

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hey, look at that. Good to discover I can't read. I'll make the necessary changes.

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