Ghibli Blog-a-Thon Roundup

Checking around the dial for various Ghibli-related commentary, I found a number of terrific blog posts, reviews, and essays that are currently revolving around the Ghibli blogathon begun last weekend by Joe's Movie Corner. In the interest of spreading the word as widely as possible, I want to share some of these with you.

- First off, a write-up on Whisper of the Heart from This Distracted Globe. I wanted to start here because it's a quality essay, because blogger Joe Valdez includes links to more web reviews, because his blog banner pairs My Neighbor Totoro with The Big Lebowski, and, last, but not least, he stole my Whisper screenshot (the middle one) from its review page.

Now, I'm not on a vengeful streak here, even though this is the second time in two consecutive posts the subject has come up. But it is a thorn in my side, and was actually a widespread problem for - the Boondock Saints screenshot was the most widely stolen. But all these people who took pains to visit my sites and help themselves to the goodies never once gave any thanks or returned the favor with the proper text links.

Google. Rankings. Exposure. Traffic. Am I getting through to you, Mister Beale? I shouldn't have to be explaining how this works in the year 2007. Borrow my art assets all you want, but don't take anything without proper thanks - a text link back to the original page. And no hot-linking.

- Second, SamuraiFrog has a comprehensive Miyazaki/Takahata history on his blog, Electric Cerebrectomy. He does a great job, even covering all those pre-Ghibli years I'm always writing about. Oh, and he's got a picture of Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who. What more do you want?

It's a nice, long essay, there are YouTube clips, photos, and...wait a minute! Is that my screenshot for Kiki's Delivery Service in there?! And is that my Spirited Away shot? And do I see any links back to the blog or the main site? Seriously, I'm lucky to get 100 daily visitors to the blog; would it kill you to get off your ass and help out?!

- Noel Vera's writing is just fantastic. These are the kind of Ghibli essays I've been trying to write for the past three years. He makes it seem so effortless, while I struggle every step of the way. His movie blog, Critic After Dark, includes not one, but two must-read posts. The first is a comprehensive essay on Omohide Poro Poro; the second is a spirited back-and-forth concerning Ghibli and that wonderful chestnut, Why Are These Movies Animated Instead of Live-Action. That's gonna get the blood boiling.

Noel is a great Takahata fan, which always earns kudos in my book; he's also written about Grave of the Fireflies and Pom Poko - the Pom Poko post is exceptionally precise. Given that his Takahata discussions are strictly limited to the Ghibli era, does this mean he's still unfamiliar with everything that came before? Horus? Heidi Marco Anne? Gauche or Chie? Yanagawa Canals? Somebody tell 'em where all the download and DVD links are.


Joe Valdez said...

Thanks for the kind assessments of my site, Daniel, as well as the rap upside the head. I've never visited or heard about Conversations on Ghibli before today, but every day I blog I'm learning more about the terrain out there.

I wrote about Whisper In The Heart before I was able to start taking my own screenshots, and if I'd known you were the originator of that image, I would have found some way to give you credit.

I dig your site and throw up a link to it now. It's not my intent to commit Internet larceny and apologize for the oversight.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hey, great to hear from you. It's always good to hear more voices in the community and help spread the word for these great movies. I think that's the one great thing about the Ghibli fans in America - it's almost purely people-driven, by word of mouth.

Hey, at least you're not one of those kids swiping Boondock Saints for their MySpace page. That's just depressing on so many levels. I honestly try not to let that stuff bug me. I know I come off sounding like the cranky old guy who gets every kid's baseball stuck in his back yard. Ya doggone kids! Grrr!

Ah, I actually feel a lot better after 12 hours of sleep, and the caffeine overdose has worn off. Why energy drinks are considered legal drugs in this country is beyond me. I just can't handle 'em.

J.D. said...

Those pics are all over the net. Just Google Image Search 'em and you'll find 'em.

(And I shall put in you my blogroll)


Noel Vera said...

Oi, Daniel, thanks for the kind words!

Noel Vera said...

INcidentally, spotted the Michael Barrier link. What do you think of his choice comments on Ghibli?

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