Shotgun Shacks and Ghibli Contests

Hey, kids, guess what? I've moved to a new apartment. Much nicer one than the old shotgun shack. I'm still in the midst of 1) paying off the remainder of my cable bill, and 2) getting the cable hooked up to the apartment. Fortunately, there are a couple computers here in the party cabin at the apartment compound, or whatever you call it. Anyway, that's where I've been lately.

I also want to update everyone on the April anniversary contest here at the blog. I've had a number of responses, all of which are excellent and insightful. I'll promise to reprint all of them here in future posts. Many thanks to everyone who sent in entries.

As to the down side....NOBODY FREAKIN' SENT IN ANYTHING!! What's wrong with you people? Do I really only have eight or ten visitors? What's the freakin' deal here?! Don't be so suspicious and paranoid, kids - I'm just giving away some free stuff to say thanks. I'm not selling your names and addresses to military recruiters or anything.

The upside? All of you who sent in your "Top 5" votes will come away with something. I'll announce the winners in an upcoming post, and I'll email you back to ask for your mailing address. Unless you didn't want all those DVDs and my second copy of the Nausicaa books. Yeah, right. Whatever.


Klaus said...

Hi Daniel,
i can't believe that you didn't receive any responses! is the deadline definitely over? do you also send the prizes overseas? oh what the heck, i'll just write a short one anyways!

Anonymous said...

good to see you back! been wondering where you had gone. as for the contest, i also live over seas (norway) so i don't want to bother you with that. i wonder what are your thoughts on miyazaki's upcoming project?

Gabriel said...

I feel compelled to confess that i'm a lazy bum, i knew about the contest but i'm no good at writing. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Your blog is cool and important, don't get bogged down. I can also ascribe to the overseas excuse!

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

That's fine. I didn't have any problem with sending mail overseas, otherwise I'd never have the contest thing. That's fine.

There were a few responses, enough for everyone to come away with something, which is what I wanted in the first place. So don't fret if it slipped your mind.

As to the next Miyazaki looks really good, but, of course, we're still too far away from making any real judgements. I'm not one of those to endlessly hype upcoming movies, so don't count on me to talk about Ponyo very much until the first trailers surface - this Holiday season is my guess.

kashiya said...

Hey, good to see you again ^^
Well I feel terrible that I didn't participate in the competition, but I thought about my top 5's for too long ^^ I even started to watch everything again (got only half through - I'm quite buisy lately) because I was so unsure about what I like best... I am still unsure but at least the competition made me think about what I like best in Ghibli and why, even if I didnt participate... I hope I will know my top 5's till the next competition.
Btw. will there be a next one?

Anthony Tardiff said...

You did get my entry, right?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Don't worry, I've got everyone's. I think the cable is supposed to be installed tomorrow, which will be a nice little achievement. I really, really hate monopolies - have I mentioned that yet? One cable internet provider in the entire Mpls/St Paul region?! Who arranged this little scam?!

So I'll be sure to post names and such tomorrow, and hopefully everything will be working properly.

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