NHK Professional Clips Got Pulled

A big thanks to NHK, whose employees apparantly have nothing better to do than scour YouTube for clips from its television shows. Thanks to their valiant efforts, those nasty, horrible clips of Miyazaki were pulled. Gee, good move there, jerks. Yeah, that'll show us. Now we'll have to actually turn in to your crappy network to watch this stuff.....

...Except for those of us who inhabit the rest of the world. Oops. Fuckin' jerks. Why don't you weasels go play in traffic or something?

The endless attempts by traditional media to control the public never ceases to amaze me. Wasn't this on free television? Ya think maybe I should show a picture of my VCR? How 'bout a TiVO? Does the phrase, "internet download" mean anything? Shutting down something on YT means nothing. Get bent, losers.


Chris Sobieniak said...

Speaking of which, I couldn't help but noticed someone bothered to digisub the first episode of "Heidi" right now if you get around to checking it out. Not sure if they're planning to do anymore though, but it sucks mostly when these guys only get around to doing an episode or two and call it quits.

Anonymous said...

There'll always be a constant youtube copyright battle. But they'll never stop it. You should put more hard to find content on. How about some extras? I've been wanting to see Only Yesterday's Making Of extra for some time.

Michael said...

My fortune was to have seen the films before they were taken down. (I also printed out a number of stills.) Thanks for the original posts just the same. I wouldn't have even known about them otherwise. They'll show up again somewhere.

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