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Videogames of the Damned

If you're wondering what I've been up to lately, to the detriment of this wonderful Ghibli blog, I've been moving and setting up a new videogames weblog. I used to have a blog at Digital Press named V - The Next Generation (the name was based on my old fanzine from a decade ago). Unfortunately, the DP crew needed to tear apart and rebuild a new forum system, and that meant closing down the blogs.

So I moved most of the best content out, and started up a brand-new games blog. It's called Videogames of the Damned. A nice, catchy name, don't you think? It's a mix of irreverence and classic monster movies, with a terrific Pac-Man template I found on one of the many "Blogger template" sites.

Please take out a few minutes and pay a visit to the new blog. There's already a lot to read about many topics, and I think the quality of the writing is very good. Even if you have no desire to play videogames (or if you simply grew up), you'll enjoy the writing. I'm including a number of games-related essays on my upcoming book, "No War 4 Empire," which I hope can finally gel together before too long.

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