Anne of Green Gables (1979, 50 Episodes, English Subtitles)

Anne of Green Gables is the 1979 season of the World Masterpiece Theater television series, which was created by Nippon Animation. It is the third and final series created by Isao Takahata (director) and Hayao Miyazaki (layout and design). Yoshifumi Kondo replaces longtime friend Yoichi Kotabe (character designer and animation director). After episode 13, Miyazaki would also withdraw to direct Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro.

This is a fantastic series, my favorite of all Anne of Green Gables adaptations. Paku-san really dives into the depths of these characters and knows just where to adapt, where to cut and where to expand. He understands the psychology of these characters, not just Anne, but everyone, especially Marilla. His objective storytelling approach is very even-handed and balanced, and it's a quality that is somewhat unique to this Anne. Most other versions identify too strongly with the main character, and they suffer a little as a result.

I could write a million words about this series. It's absolutely magnificent, even if a touch below the standard set by Heidi and Marco. It's funny and touching and emotionally varied. There are some really beautiful moments just in the first episode. And I wouldn't dare spoil the devastating heartbreaks that occur in the final dozen episodes.

Here is the entire series, all 50 episodes, with English subtitles. Enjoy it before it disappears!

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