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Ghibli Blog: Support this website with Amazon Associates

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share a quick message about Ghibli Blog and our ongoing plans to build and grow. As you can see, there are a number of small Google ads which bring in a couple pennies every day, depending on site traffic. I've experimented with these in the past, and while it never earns much money, every little bit helps. I promise to keep these ads discreet and not let them overwhelm the website.

You may also notice the Amazon ads on the right sidebar. This is our newest addition: Amazon Associates. When you purchase items shown in these ads, we will receive a percentage of the sale. Better yet, even if you don't buy that item, anything you purchase on that visit will still count. Best of all: this will not cost you one single penny.

Do you want to support Ghibli Blog? Here's how: when you want to buy something on Amazon, first click on one of the Amazon ads on this site. You don't have to buy the item from the ad, so if you're not interested, just continue shopping. For everything that you buy, we will receive a 20 percent royalty check from Jeff Bezos. Yay!

We at DT Media and Ghibli Blog are working hard to build something special, including this website and our upcoming book releases. This is a full-time job, and if you enjoy the content you read daily -- news, reviews, essays and more -- then please support us and enable us to continue our work.

Thank you very much.

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