Riffs: Lupin the 3rd, Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

This first screenshot comes from the Lupin the 3rd Series Two finale, Farewell, Beloved Lupin. It features a heroine in blue who controls a giant robot and is forced to commit crimes against her will. This is an interior shot of Maki Oyamada, the heroine, operating the controls inside the flying robot.

Hayao Miyazaki was a fan of these kind of interior airplane shots. This specific shot appears to be quoted directly in Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind, which features a later incarnation of the director's iconic heroine. Both characters are also voiced by Sumi Shimamoto, further adding to the connection.

The giant robot, of course, is a tribute to the classic Fleischer Superman cartoons, and would later be revised into the giant robots in Castle in the Sky, as well as the God Warriors in Nausicaa, and especially the character of Ohma in the Nausicaa books.

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