Laputa: Castle in the Sky Recreated in Minecraft

Japanese artist Mocci Hajikura has spent the past four years recreating the environments and locations from Studio Ghibli's classic Laputa: Castle in the Sky. He has now completed his project, releasing several videos to YouTube. All of your favorite scenes from the movie have been rendered to scale, including the industrial town, the pirate ship, and most famously, the floating city of Laputa itself.

In 2015, he created a series of YouTube videos to correspond with the movie's television broadcast. These final 2017 videos also correspond to the latest Castle in the Sky broadcast presentation.

This is highly impressive. We have seen many Minecraft works based on Studio Ghibli movies, and this is easily the most ambitious yet. Most of Miyazaki's scenes and designs are rendered in painstaking detail; even the movie's title sequence has been recreated perfectly.

Courtesy of Hajikura, here are all seven Castle in the Sky Minecraft videos, complete and unabridged. Thankfully, there are no scary Creeper attacks. Those guys nearly gave me a heart attack in Minecraft Alpha. Enjoy and share!

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