StudioCanal Limited Edition Studio Ghibli "Steelbook" BD/DVDs

StudioCanal has really outdone themselves this time. The UK film distributor is releasing a series of limited edition Studio Ghibli "steelbook" Blu-Ray/DVD sets. These were released in 2013 and are now all out-of-print, making them valuable collectors' items. Good luck finding copies today for a reasonable price.

The cover designs are superb and look terrific. Cynics would point out that these are really the same discs are currently available in standard packaging, but the steel covers are very stylish, and it's good to see Ghibli given the proper level of respect. Their movies deserve Criterion levels of respect.

It appears that this series was limited only to Hayao Miyazaki's feature films, which is unfortunate for the other titles, especially Isao Takahata's films. Perhaps we will see a second series of releases that cover the remainder of the Ghibli catalog? Eh, maybe.

With a little digging around, I see that these steelbook packages are also available in Italy since 2015. There are many variations across Europe for Ghibli Freaks to collect.

Much thanks to forum member "Blueherring" on the forums. There are several Ghibli-related threads that are worth checking out.

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