Studio Ghibli Overwhelmed by Job Applications For Miyazaki Movie

Studio Ghibli's official blog reported in August that applications for Hayao Miyazaki's upcoming feature film production have greatly exceeded expectations. The studio has received so many resumes, including foreigners, that support staff has been called in to help the screening process.

As of August 10, the initial screening processes has finished, with a second round of screening and exams in September. Those who are accepted will begin training in October, a process that is expected to last six months. Staff will be paid a salary of $1,800 a month, plus transportation expenses.

I am reminded of the golden days at Toei Doga, where ads for animators and artists were placed in daily newspapers, and applicants were tasked to perform an animation test designed by Yasuji Mori that showed a man striking a spike with a hammer in five drawings. Who knows, maybe Miyazaki will pull out that old test just for nostalgia? That would be worth a hoot.

Thanks to Anime News Network for their coverage on this article.

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