Artist Spotlight: Hayao Miyazaki by Sharm Murugiah

Hayao Miyazaki by Sharm Murugiah

This terrific illustration of Hayao Miyazaki was created by artist Sharm Murugiah from the UK. You can visit his Facebook page to see more examples of his work. I like this illustration because it shows the director in a serious, thoughtful pose. Most people draw Miyazaki-san with big smiles and grins, always happy and cheerful. I always found him to be far more moody and glum than the image of a "Japanese Walt Disney." That label never stuck, and says far more about Americans than the director.

To Miyazaki, especially in his later years, his stories are a respite from the horrors of the world. In his dreams lie the reservoir of his hopes for humanity, pushing back against despair and darkness. And it is this inner conflict that makes his Studio Ghibli movies so fascinating. This illustration seems to capture some of that. Kudos to Murugiah for his work.

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