The New Arrietty Blu-Ray May Include UK Dub

GKIDS Films answered questions from the public on Twitter today, in anticipation of Studio Ghibli's Castle in the Sky's appearance in US theaters. The company has recently secured the US home video distribution rights to nearly all Ghibli films, and will begin releasing Blu-Ray titles under their label.

The question of Arrietty's language soundtracks was raised. While Disney recorded an English-language dub for the film's American release, Optimum UK recorded their own separate dub for the title's UK premier, one that is widely regarded by fans as the superior version.

When asked which English-language dub their release of Arrietty will use, GKIDS offered the following response:

"We are trying to do...both. Bit of a process, but it seems doable.

For many Ghibli Freaks who have imported the Optimum release, this announcement will be met with excitement and dancing in the streets. This movie was the most commercially successful of all the Studio Ghibli movies in America, at least where the theatrical run is concerned. There are many fans who will be thrilled to pick up this new release.

Kudos to everyone at GKIDS, as always.


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