When Marnie Was There Blu-Ray/DVD Release

When Marnie Was There, the 2014 Studio Ghibli feature film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Arrietty), was released to Blu-Ray and DVD in Japan on March 18. The packaging features the silhouette designs and cardboard cover of Ghibli's BD series, and looks terrific as always. Picture and audio quality should be fantastic, and well worth the price of importing. A DVD is also available at a lower price, and should also look excellent. Dedicated fans, of course, will want to own everything.

Here in the USA, GKids is preparing Marnie for a theatrical run, perhaps the final Studio Ghibli movie to appear on our movie screens. Expect GKids to also release the Blu-Ray, although no specifics have yet been announced.

(Photos: Studio Ghibli Import thread)

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Samuel Dodd said...

I hope GKIDS gets this BD out quickly. I'd love to see it the the theater, but most GKIDS movies are always playing 3+ hours away from where I live, so I'll probably be waiting for the BD.

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