Overnight Thread (Warriors of the Wind Trailer)

Here's the television ad for Warriors of the Wind, the notorious 1985 New Line Cinema hack-job of one of the all-time great anime masterpieces. It's almost comical to look at today, but imagine 30 years ago. If you were a fan of "Japanimation," or hearing the name of Hayao Miyazaki for the first time, this was the best you were going to get. Unless you knew someone from Japan who could send you videotapes, this was the best you were gonna get. You anime kids today have no idea how easy things are today.

Since we will be returning to Ghibli Blog's regular programming on Monday, I wanted to share this commercial. Someone online told me they still own a 35mm copy of the Warriors of the Wind trailer. I'd love to see that, wouldn't you?

Well, what did we learn with this first "weekend" experiment on Ghibli Blog? I learned that if we're going to follow a "music and arts" theme on Saturday, then it should cover Sunday, too. I just don't have the time. Fortunately, a number of posts proved popular, and traffic to the site overall remained high. Those are very good trends, and suggest where we could go in the future.

For Ghibli Freaks, I promise to publish more articles about the Studio Ghibli soundtrack LPs. Those can fit into the "music" theme, right? I have some photos of the soundtrack album for Gauche the Cellist that I'll publish next weekend.

I know that I promised a review of the Bellari VP-130, an excellent tube phono stage preamp, for the weekend's major "hi-fi audio" post. Didn't have time for that, unfortunately, but we can do that next weekend. We do have lives to lead on the weekends, ya know!

Thanks to everyone, old and new, for supporting this site.

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