The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun is Coming to America!

At last!  The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun, the 1968 anime masterpiece, is coming to America!  Discotek Media made the announcement yesterday on their Facebook page.  No further details have yet been announced, including title, cover design, source material (Blu-Ray or DVD?), bonus supplements, retail price, or even a release date.  I promise that as soon as I learn anything important, I will share the news with you.

Discotek Media has previously released three Toei Doga animated features: Puss in Boots (1969), Animal Treasure Island (1971), and Taro the Dragon Boy (1976).  I remain hopeful that more of Toei's classic animated features could arrive on our shores.  And Horus is the most important title of the lot.

Horus, Prince of the Sun has been a special passion of mine ever since I first watched it in 2005, when the UK DVD (a poor, third-rate release) and fansub (a far better choice) were released.  It's a film I champion as a masterpiece - "The Citizen Kane of Anime" - and believe that it deserves a proper release here in the States.  I am already neck-deep in design notes for the supplemental materials, and am banging on Discotek's doors so we can work on the project.  I must stress that I am currently NOT working with them; I am only sending inquiries, with specific outlines and notes.

If you'd like to help Ghibli Blog, please contact Discotek Media and ask for us to be included on the BD/DVD production.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Stay tuned, kids.


Doug said...

This is VERY!! good news! I'm in line for my copy.

Blood Muffin said...

just wondering when is the 2014 ghibli blog poll results going to be released?

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

I'm still working on it, mostly thanks to two things: 1) I'm redoing the votes to include a points system, and 2) Very busy week at the day job. In addition, I have impending deadlines for my freelancing gig, and prep work for the upcoming Horus, Prince of the Sun BD/DVD (which may or may not ever happen). Sigh.

I really want to get the movie poll finished this weekend, so we'll see how much time I get. Whee! Of course, if Ghibli Blog WAS my "day job," then this wouldn't be an issue, but I've harped on that topic enough as is.

Blood Muffin said...

no problem. I'm rather busy with my day job during the week as well.

thanks for the work you do for the blog. my sister and I enjoy the reviews, news and insight you write for the site.

I'm interested to see the results. I have always found best animated film lists on websites to be more of an inclusion of popular well known favorites than a actual attempt at including the best films.

thanks again

mishti priyanca said...

That's a very good news!!Thanks for the interesting news..

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