Art Nouveau Studio Ghibli Poster Designs

These spectacular poster designs recreate our favorite Studio Ghibli movies in the early 20th Century Art Nouveau style.  An artist named "Marlboro" posted these artworks on Pixiv, a Japanese art-sharing site.  Unfortunately, Marlboro's page is no longer available, but the art lives on.

What makes these illustrations so effective is how perfectly the art style matches the original material.  Nausicaa, Sheeta, Kiki, Totoro, Howl...these characters do have an Art Nouveau appeal.  They fit into this style perfectly.  Indeed, it makes me wonder why comics and animation cannot use this visual style, instead of merely retreading the same old paradigms.

Excellent job, Marlboro, wherever you are.

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Jon Walmsley said...

Wow, these are absolutely fantastic, probably the best Ghibli fan art I've ever seen. I'd be very happy to have any one of these as actual posters on my wall, particularly the Nausicaa one. Glad you're back blogging Daniel, I've missed these sort of gems you provide the avid Ghibli fan!

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