Studio Ghibli "Fighting Game" and T-Shirt

Now this is a pretty cool discovery.  These are a pair of artist renderings of an imagined "Studio Ghibli fighting game.  The first one is the newer design, reminiscent of SNK's King of Fighters series, and looks pretty stylish.  The second one is older, and more classically 8-bit (one could easily imagine such a game on Commodore 64).

This does raise an interesting question: which of the Miyazaki characters would win in a fair fight?  Personally, I'd go with Nausicaa and Mononoke San, if only because they have a genuine psycho-killer streak.  But a Totoro vs. No Face vs. Ohmu battle would be pretty impressive. that I think about it, a Ghibli fighting game could work.  Maybe we should hire an indie video game studio to design it, snark.

Now here's the really cool part of this story: the 8-bit graphic is available as a $25 t-shirt, any size, front or back.  Nice!  The artist, Drewwise, has created a series of video game-related shirt designs.  My favorite one, aside from this one, would have to be the Apollo shirt, obviously inspired by Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece, The Shining.  I may have to order one myself.  Who wants one of these?


Natalie Belton said...

Uh oh, you know how Miyazaki feels about fighting games. :)

I Make Comments said...

Ha! That's awesome! Although, I honestly think that Kushana should have been added to the roster...she has far more of a psycho-killer thing going for her than Nausicaa for if this game was characters of choice would probably be the Castle in the Sky Robot, and Totoro. :D

Anonymous said...

"one could easily imagine such a game on Commodore 64"

it's pretty hard for me to imagine that on a commodore 64 since it's using a famicom color palette and C64 games look nothing like that (C64 screens had rectangular pixels, not square)

Jay said...

I can't imagine Mr. Miyazaki would approve. Of the games, or of someone selling his work without permission... that's pretty unethical.

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