Movie Review: Side by Side (2012) - A Film vs. Digital Documentary

Review: Side by Side

Currently playing on Netflix is this excellent 2012 documentary on the history of film, and our crossroads between photo-chemical film and digital technology.  It is produced and narrated by Keanu Reeves and features discussions and insights by scores of filmmakers, including Martin Scorcese, David Lynch, James Cameron, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, Richard Linklater, Robert Rodriguez, and many more.

I'm watching the movie and am entranced.  On the analog vs digital debate, I tend to side with analog, at least when it comes to music.  I do appreciate the many conveniences of modern digital technology, but analog has a special way of capturing reality, either images or music, that is warmer, more romantic.  There's a ritual to the mechanics of placing a record on a platter, and moving a tonearm into position.  Pressing the Play button isn't quite the same experience.

This is an exciting time for music, photography and the movies.  Digital technology and the internet open doors of opportunity that we could barely imaging.  I only hope we don't discard that analog magic in the process.  I'd like to find a way for both mediums to exist peacefully.

Anyway, find the time to see this movie.  It will certainly spark discussions and debates among your movie-loving friends.


Andrew said...

Thanks for the recommendation, it was quite intriguing to watch.

Denys Perez Wong said...

Please come back Daniel !

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Anonymous said...

That sounds very fascinating.

johan said...

where are you? why aren't you writing anymore? i'm curious what you make of miyazakis latest and the future of studio ghibli

sunita akter said...

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