From Up on Poppy Hill: France Deluxe Blu-Ray

From Up on Poppy Hill Blu-Ray

See, folks, this is how you handle a Blu-Ray movie.  This is the French deluxe Blu-Ray package for Goro Miyazaki's 2010 film, From Up on Poppy Hill.  This massive set includes the movie, postcards, a collection of playing cards, a poster, stickers, and a 50-page mini-magazine.

I think this is the future of physical media.  When digital distribution becomes easier and easier, and the visual difference between disc and download erases, publishers will need to employ more creative means of attracting customers, of offering something tangible that downloads can't match.

Personally, I think this is also necessary for video games, especially for classic and retro games from years past.  Why isn't there a Criterion Collection for video games?  Why couldn't there be one?  There should be one for animation, especially anime.  Our recently-released Lupin III Series One DVD set is a good example of this (ahem, cough).  Don't just offer the game, the television show, the movie - Offer the complete experience.  And offer it at a reasonable price.

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Emma Heuchert said...

wow...this is fantastic. why exactly can't they do this in America? I might just have to learn French =)

I Make Comments said...

I ended up seeing this movie not too long ago. I thought it was pretty good, even though it was not on the same calibre as Arrietty or Whisper of the Heart. And maybe we'll see this released sooner on DVD/Blu-Ray since Ghibli's contract with Disney has ended, and GKIDS is handling the dubs and English distribution from here on out....

David Opie said...

I want to see this film so much but we haven't even had the cinematic release in the UK yet! Will definitely be buying this edition if it becomes available over here

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