Lupin III: The Complete First Series DVD on June 26

Discotek's DVD box set of Lupin III: The Complete First Series is nearing completion, and will be released on June 26.  All 23 episodes of the original 1971-72 television series are included, in the original Japanese language, with new English subtitles.

I am very happy to report that The Ghibli Blog has contributed three essays to the Lupin III DVD.  I covered a number of topics, from the history of the series, the involvement of Yasuo Otsuka, Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki, the connections to The Castle of Cagliostro, and the use of "riffs" in the series.  I worked my tail off, and sweated blood for many weeks to write these essays, and I hope you enjoy them.  Here are the titles to my Lupin essays:

La Dolce Vita and Lupin at Abbey Road
"The Big Note" - An Introduction to Anime Riffs
Trains and Scalps (pt 1: The Boy Who Loved to Draw Trains; pt 2: Pioneers Who Got Scalped)

I managed to make all the major points I was aiming for, hitting all the right notes in my crazy jazz solos.  I also managed to work in a few "riffs" of my own, to Devo and Drak Pack and Frank Zappa and Fellini.  If nothing else, these essays are fun to read, and I hope they spark discussions and debate among the fans.

In addition to my contributions, the Lupin DVD set will also include audio commentaries by several different anime pros.  I'm greatly looking forward to hearing what everyone has to share.

Reed Nelson from was the point-man on the extras for this project, and has done an excellent job.  Thanks to his dedication and passion, the upcoming Lupin set will be Discotek's best anime release yet.  He's also a very skilled writer and editor, and if I had any money, I'd hire him for The Ghibli Blog instantly.

Discotek is a very small, two-man operation.  They work tirelessly to bring you obscure and lesser-known Japanese films and anime that would otherwise not find a home on our shores.  As the retail anime business crumbles into ruin, Discotek continues to support the fans with such classics as Puss in Boots, Animal Treasure Island, Project A-Ko, Galaxy Express 999, Golgo 13, and Lupin III.  Show them your support, and buy your copy of Lupin III: The Complete First Series DVD.  It's an essential release for Studio Ghibli fans, anime and animation fans, and anyone who likes a good, rollicking adventure.

I'll be available for any promotional work, including interviews and podcasts.  I'm also available for children's parties, bar mitvahs, and lodge meetings.

Edit:  Someone pointed out to me that the phrase "fly-by-night" means something bad.  Ack!  News to me.  I only know the phrase from two things: the band Rush, and Disney's Talespin.  Man, that was a great cartoon...Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Ducktales...Heck, Ducktales on the NES was a great video game.  Sigh.  I'm really getting old, aren't I?


watkinzez said...

Wow. I was already going to buy it expecting nothing but the episodes, but this sounds like a really well done release.

Andrew said...

HURRAY!!......Don't know if I can get it though.

Wow, Daniel Thomas the animation historian.(no, Im not being sarcastic)

"Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Ducktales...Heck, Ducktales on the NES was a great video game. Sigh. I'm really getting old, aren't I?"

well, I'm in my early twenties and I remember that stuff.

Hanna said...

You're alive!

Pablo said...

Awesome ! Congratulations, Daniel!
Eager to watch this dvd.

Michael said...

Now that you have a contact at Discotek, can you beg them to release The Castle of Cagliostro on Blu-ray in North America?

I think the license was/is up for grabs since I received no real answers from Manga Entertainment or Anchor Bay.

Daniel Nienhuis said...

Hey Daniel, do you have a link for pre-ordering this set?

Aaron Long said...

I'm really looking forward to reading your essays, they sound great. This set just keeps getting better and better. June 26 can't come fast enough.

Dominic said...

This dvd looks fantastic, great work. Just need to get a copy in the UK on import or are there plans for a a region 2 release?

Unknown said...

Amazon says that there is also an English dub track. Did this team manage to get the rights to the Tony Oliver version since it is out of print now?

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