Poster - "Totoro Noir"

I found this stylish and very original Totoro poster online, rendered in the style of Turn-of-the-Century French posters - very nice!  I do enjoy unofficial movie posters if there is enough creativity behind them; as the art of poster design is replaced by soulless marketing and cheap Photoshop tricks, original artistic designs become ever more important.

I wasn't able to find the identity of the artist who created this "Totoro Noir" poster, as their original art page has since vanished from the web.  Whoever it was, they did an excellent job, and I hope it inspires more imitators out there.  How about a theme of Ghibli posters in this style?

Now I feel like getting a pint of beer for some reason.  Where's my Totoro Lager?


I Make Comments said...

I would have to agree with you, I think this poster is a good fit for Totoro, and I am also sick of the clean, Photoshopped look that everything has these days. Even though this was created digitally, it looks like it was crafted by hand, as it should be.

Hanna said...

I love this!

Sonia said...

Here's the artist which you can find easily via Google Images (just drop the image into Google Images and it will turn up websites with it)!

Sonia said...

It could also be a COPY of this artwork too though. I can't tell.

Mel said...

Just in case you didn't know, the original base for this poster is "La Tournee du Chat Noir"

It's one of the most famous posters of this kind.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

@Sonia: Yes, I'm seeing the artist's page now. We'll do another post on his work, because it's all so good. This piece was created in 2008; interesting that it hasn't achieved wider exposure before now...but there always seems to be this weird 3-year gap with Ghibli on the internet. The Mononoke book is a good example, hehe.

rabanne said...

Great find.
I love your blog!

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