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Every once in a while, I have to throw up some screenshots from Animal Treasure Island, one of my all-time favorite anime cartoons.  It's probably my favorite Toei Doga movie after Horus, Prince of the Sun, and usually the one I reach for when I need a quick laugh.

This is easily the most "Miyazaki" of the Toei films; he really seems to be in the driver's seat on this picture, instead of being part of a larger team.  Or perhaps everyone was just in the mood for a fun, rollicking adventure movie.  It's basically a cliffhanger adventure serial with a lot of slapstick comedy.  The colors are terrific, the character designs are memorable (in that iconic Toei way), and the action scenes are terrific.  The epic pirate ship battle, animated by Hayao Miyazaki. is worth the price of admission alone.

Discotek released Animal Treasure Island (DVD) on our shores a few years ago, alongside 1969's Puss in Boots and 1979's Taro the Dragon Boy, all anime classics that seem to be, strangely, ignored by most anime fans.  It may be tough to find these movies at most retailers by now, so your best bet is to order directly from the Discotek website.  These folks do a fantastic job, and they're sticking their necks out by delivering classic anime to a scene that only wants what's "NEW."  Whatever that means.  I'm sure to a teenager today, Akira is ancient history.

Buy a copy of Animal Treasure Island (and Puss in Boots) if you haven't done so already.  This is a great, old-school cartoon.  You can't ask for much better than that.

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